About SmallGovTimes.com

SmallGovTimes.com was designed to enhance awareness of the freedom movement throughout the United States and the world.  In a time where the U.S. government is taking significant strides towards complete and total control over the American people, the freedom movement needs to rise up and resist government control and regulation over the people of this great nation.

We are not fair and balanced.  Clearly, we value freedom and liberty over tyranny and a large and expansive overarching authority based in Washington D.C.   That said, we do not care what party is in office, nor their background or upbringing.  Freedom is freedom however you slice it.  We focus on the issues that originally made the United States the freest country in the world and will continue to do so as long as we have the freedom of speech.

Do not expect long blog postings that take an hour to read.  These posts are meant to be short and sweet, perhaps taken from other blogs with a link back to them, to get the point across.  This is about getting information out quickly and effectively, not about writing a book about my own thoughts.  That I can do elsewhere, and may do in the future.

Make no mistake about it – we are not a well-funded media machine.  We do not have paid writers, nor do we pretend to be anything other than a group of motivated and determined lovers of freedom and true small government fighting to return constitutional freedoms to the American people, even if Americans themselves are too busy to care about what their government is doing right before their very eyes.  No advertisements.  No paid staff.  We do what we do because we believe there is no other choice.

We are not affiliated with any political party.  Small government is a belief system, not a party platform that can be pushed aside if the price is right.