Sorry, but I cannot simply “get over” the destruction of my country

I am naturally drawn to bumper stickers.  Crowded or empty streets, day or night, I always seem to pick out and read the contents of bumper stickers on the backs of cars, and I have read some pretty interesting points of view plastered on bumpers.  But today, I read something downright disturbing: “He Won, Get Over It”.

What part should I get over, exactly?  Should I get over the fact that our president, wholehearted embraced by Communist Party USA, has put into place a systematic agenda of consolidated power and control into the hands of career politicians practically falling over themselves to spend the people’s money – and demonstrably lie, cheat and steal to do it?

Or, perhaps you would like me to get over the destruction of personal sovereignty at the hands of an expensive and perpetually wasteful government-run health care program and regulatory mess (Obamacare, of course)?  Maybe you would like me to get over government control over the course of business, the independent choices of the American people, over Barack Obama’s unmistakable disdain of freedom and liberty, of the most basic human rights that has stood as the fabric of this nation for centuries?

Okay, it might not be that.  Instead, maybe I should simply move on and get over the transparent cover-up of the Benghazi disaster and the death of innocent Americans in the region as this government purposely turned a blind eye.  Perhaps Americans should do to our government what Obama did to military leaders and an ambassador in the region during the attack: ignore them, pretend nothing is happening, and just get over it.  What is done is done.  It is over.

Oh, it’s over alright.  Worse, our president has no intention of hiding his dangerous agenda, but still, Americans gave this man another chance.  Another chance for what?  Maybe too many people ended up with an “Obama phone”.

I will not get over the destruction of American civilization as we know it at the hands of an unaccountable president and political class.  I will not get over the entrenchment of a recklessly corrupt government superstructure and the elimination of virtually any limit to government control over more and more of the lives of the American people.

No Constitution, no amount of legal restraint or the rule of law, will stand in the way of this administration and the goals of centralization of money, power and control in Washington D.C.

No, Mr. or Mrs. slave of the state.  I will not “get over it”.

Compromise cannot be the cornerstone of Republican recovery

It is darn tough to be a Republican these days.  The Republican Party in Washington remains steadfastly opposed to fighting for the principles that they supposedly believe in.  Their candidate lost to one of the more beatable Democratic presidential candidates in recently history and, not even a full work week after the loss, had their Congressional leader promise compromise on one of the biggest and most costly regulations this nation has ever seen.

John Boehner is in the hot seat in Washington.  The House Speaker appears to understand that the United States government cannot continue reckless spending, but holds a muddy view on the solution.  Is the fix less spending or more revenue?  Again, Boehner promised compromise with Barack Obama who has repeatedly stated his desire for higher taxes on the wealthy.  More revenue is no solution.

Further, the Republican leadership has seemed to give up entirely on the issue of Obamacare, declaring the complex new set of regulations to be the law of the land.  Not only did the Republicans fail to prevent its passage, but they now seem comfortable and content with its presence in the American economic landscape for years to come.

It is no wonder that the Republicans failed to pick up a more powerful voice in Washington during the 2012 elections.  Quite frankly, they do not appear to have much of a voice at all.  What is their direction?  When is enough enough?  How many more failures will the GOP endure before they realize that compromise and limp-wristed policy-making is no way to re-build a clearly flailing political party?

Small government is the solution to the Republican party.  Americans consistently embrace the principles of a more Libertarian and laissez-faire government and economic policy structure, but few are prepared to place their vote for anyone other than a Republican or Democrat.  The Republican base is looking for a reason to vote again.  They will take almost anything, any semblance of reform, of true change, of a smaller and more freedom-loving government.  All the Republicans need to do is offer it up.

Will the Republicans respond?

Obama demands tax hikes on rich before any compromises

Days after the re-election of Barack Obama, the president said that any compromise from his office on the issue of taxes and the national debt will hinge on the inclusion of tax increases for wealthier Americans in an fruitless effort to slow our nation’s rising debt and limit the ensuing economic calamity.

“I’m committed to solving our fiscal challenges, but I refuse to accept any approach that isn’t balanced,” the president said.  Apparently to Mr. Obama, “balanced” means nothing more than offsetting any spending cuts with further tax revenue from this country’s job providers.

Obama insists on raising taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year, although hard numbers on how much of a rise remains unknown.  According to Obama, a majority of Americans also believe this nation’s punitive tax system should be strengthened for those who are considered “wealthy”.

“I just want to point out, this was a central question during the election. It was debated over and over again. And on Tuesday night, we found out that the majority of Americans agree with my approach,” he said.

This news comes at a time when deficits remain at all time highs.  October, the first fiscal year in 2013, has already seen a massive increase in budget deficits — $6 billion above the estimated $114 billion.

Gary Johnson a spoiler in the 2012 elections? Think again

It is inevitable.  If the Republican Party loses an election – especially one against an entirely beatable candidate like Barack Obama, the blame game begins.  A popular victim in this game of placing blame?  The libertarian party, and this time, the supposed spoiler is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

The problem?  Johnson had absolutely nothing to do with this election.  The spoiler in this race for the Republican party was none other than Mitt Romney.

Without exception, polls show the American people are disgusted with their government.  The people find politicians untrustworthy and, in many cases, downright criminal.  Americans place very little confidence in the economy and especially our political class’ ability to manage it.  This election was ripe for a change at the helm.

Unfortunately for the GOP, facts stand in the way of placing the blame on Gary Johnson.  In an election where nearly 105 million people voted, Johnson received just over one million.  Romney and Obama both garnered over 52 million a piece.  One million votes do not, under nearly any circumstance in an election of this magnitude, make or break an election.  If you cannot beat Barack Obama because a third party claimed 1,012,617 votes, then you have a serious problem on your hands.

The problem was Mitt Romney.  The larger problem is the entire Republican party.  The issue lies in the destruction of the Republican base at the hands of GOP leaders in Congress, primarily lead by limp-wristed John “Obamacare is the law of the land” Boehner.  The utter abandonment of any semblance of small government within the Republican party effectively destroyed the GOP’s chances at beating Barack Obama even in times of extreme economic uncertainty, huge debts and low poll numbers.  In short, Republicans were unmotivated to vote.

Gary Johnson had nothing to do with this election.  The problem lies with the Republican party, and until they begin taking personal responsibility for their own failures, this country will continue to see Democratic rule from the top spot in the land.

After billions spent, elections net no positive change

Barack Obama was re-elected as president of the United States.  There are few things in this world that puzzle me more than the decision-making abilities of the American people.  I based my utter disbelief on numbers and reality, and I fail at getting the math to work out correctly.

Poll after poll clearly indicates frustration from the American people over our government.  Without exception, Americans do not trust the government to run their daily lives or the economy.  Most do not believe we’re headed in the right direction, and we probably won’t be able to avoid running clear off of the fiscal cliff.  Investor confidence continues to slide, and this includes the sharp nose dive the markets took yesterday.

In response to these worries and frustrations, the American people took decisive action by not only re-electing Barack Obama as president of the United States, but largely keeping the same power structure in Congress.  The Democrats continue to hold the majority in the Senate and Republicans have held onto their majority in the House.

After billions of dollars were spent in the 2012 election cycle, nothing changed, and if Americans continue down this path, nothing ever will.  Congress remains largely the same.  Barack Obama is still the president.  And, if polled, I am sure that the American people are still frustrated with their government – but, in reality, without a leg to stand on.

I, however, am frustrated with Americans.