911 tells rape victim “no cops available”; if only she had a gun

oregonPicture this for a moment.  You are a woman alone in your house.  You have an ex-boyfriend who has sexually assaulted you before and left you hospitalized for several weeks.  That ex-boyfriend is now outside your house threatening to break in, and you immediately jump on the horn and call 911.  Sounds like a bad night already, but it’s about to get even worse.

You explain the situation to the 911 dispatcher, and the dispatcher proceeds to tell you that there are no police available to respond to the incident and suggests that if your ex-boyfriend does break into your house, simply ask him to go away.  Sound like a made-up fairy tale that could never happen in the United States of America?

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical situation.  Due to supposed budget cuts, this happened to a woman in the state of Oregon.

The woman was sexually assaulted and choked that night…again.  Oregon State Police arrested her boyfriend following the incident.  In the state of Oregon, you’re quite literally left to fend for yourself as our government, once again, falls down on the job.  The state blames a federal subsidy that they no longer get for the cutbacks that took 23 police officers off of the streets.

Our nation continues to spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year in so-called “humanitarian aid” missions overseas, engages in countless and never-ending wars, wastes money on feel-good social programs – only to leave our own citizens literally fighting for their lives as our government insists on taking absolutely no responsibility for the services that all Americans pay taxes to enjoy.

If there were ever a reason to increase the responsible ownership of firearms, this is it.  The police cannot, and apparently will not, protect you in many areas of our nation.  If people are left to fend for themselves, then the people need to take advantage of their second amendment right to keep and bear arms – while we still have it.  A simple 6-shooter revolver could have saved this particular woman from another hospital visit at the hands of a maniac, and sadly, this is not an isolated incident, and guns have an important place in our society.  Defensive gun use is becoming more and more critical.

Forget the rape whistle, as suggested by one particularly clueless Colorado lawmaker.  Get a firearm.  Learn how to effectively use the firearm.  Protect yourselves, because our government has made it painfully clear, once again, that they have no intention of doing their job.



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