A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama? How?

Popular wisdom seems to indicate that when votes are placed for a Libertarian or other third party candidate, that essentially counts as a vote for the Democratic contender.  Unfortunately, not only is that logically untrue, it is mathematically untrue as well.

The only way to vote for a candidate is to – you guessed it – placing your vote for that candidate.  Voting for a third party is not the same as voting for one of the “Big Two” political parties.  The real argument is that a vote for a third party will not directly cancel out a vote for the “other” major political party.  That is an accurate representation of the issue, but slaves to the two-party system refuse to accept it.  The fundamental ignorance and collective lie being perpetrated by these empty talking heads stands as a perfect example of why our country has maintained the two-party abyss that we find our nation in.  Advancing a purposeful untruth does not effect political reality.  It never has.



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