Actress wants to ban all “semi-automatic” guns

After another school shooting in the Lone Star State that left three people injured and both suspected shooters in custody, actress and so-called human rights activist Mia Farrow called on Congress to take decisive action and ban all semi-automatic guns.

“That gun-shooting is ‘fun’ doesn’t cut it anymore. And delusional paranoia is not a justifiable reason to keep weapons. Ban semi-auto guns,” wrote Farrow in a series of Twitter posts.  American’s second amendment rights, she also believes, must be adjusted.

Little does Farrow probably know, but semi-automatic guns cover just about every gun short of hunting rifles.  A simple revolver, for instance, is semi-automatic.

As shootings continue to get play in the media, some in Hollywood apparently hold the belief that Americans should only be allowed to own guns that were available in their very own western movies.  To them, no American needs a gun that reloads by itself.  If only killers had to cock their weapon manually between each shot, the mentality of today’s psychopathic killers would suddenly change.

At least Farrow acknowledges the fact that the second amendment exists.

But to believe banning a large majority of the weapons available today to be a solution is mind-numbingly silly.  Even if we were to pretend that the second amendment did not exist, such a wide ranging, sweeping ban of firearms would be met with a sophisticated underground network of gun distribution.  Then, tracking and controlling guns becomes infinitely more difficult.  Our problems only get worse.



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