American people biggest winners in gun-grabbing defeat

In the aftermath of the Senate’s rejection of the gun bill this week that would have expanded background checks (and other civilian disarmament initiatives attached as amendments) and once the smoke finally clears, the biggest winner of all will turn out to be the American people.

No law-abiding American person wants guns in the hands of criminals.  But even proponents of the bill admit that expanded background checks would not have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedies, nor the Columbine massacre, or the Virginia Tech shooting, or the Aurora, CO theater incident.  In essence, even the bill’s own support structure knows as well as anyone that the proposed bill stood as nothing more than hollow, feel-good measures meant to make the parents of Sandy Hook – who allowed themselves to be shamelessly propped up like pawns in President Obama’s gun-grabbing cries – think that something actually got done.  What a slap in the face.

The American people achieved victory this week.  Background checks or no background checks, gun crimes will not stop.  Self defense is crucial to stemming the effect that gun violence has over our society.  Every day that a law-abiding citizen walks around the streets unarmed is a day that their level of personal protection is weakened.

To celebrate, take your favorite gun out to the range and start shooting.  Enjoy your freedom to keep and bear arms…while you still have it.



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