Anti-gunner: Do you have any remorse over gun-free zones?

GunFreeZoneAPInquiring minds want to know – to those who support gun free zones throughout the country, do you feel any remorse at all when so many high profile gun tragedies occur in, wait for it…gun free zones?

The entire city of Chicago is a gun free zone.  Yet, the city sees some of the highest crime in the nation, including a particularly hideous crime this week that took the lives of 3 people and wounded 23 others, including a 3-year old boy.

Or what about Columbine?  Sandy Hook?  Virginia Tech?  All gun free zones.  But let’s not forget the Aurora Colorado shooting.  Does it make you feel any remorse at all knowing the theater that the gunman chose was the only gun-free theater within 20 miles of his home?

How about the most recent shooting at the Washington Navy Yard?  That, like Fort Hood during Hasan’s rampage, was complete gun free thanks to a Clinton-era law that forbids firearms on military installations.

Anti-gun fanatic and California politician Diane Feinstein asked after the Navy Yard incident when will enough be enough?  That is an important question.  How many more crimes need to take place in areas where law-abiding citizens are completely disarmed?

A popular argument among anti-gunners attacks the assumption that killers choose areas that are gun free to commit crimes.  But, that is not our argument.  The point is gun free zones prevent law-abiding citizens from fighting back with deadly force – returning fire with fire.  Criminals do not care about the law – they’re criminals.  In gun free zones, they have free reign over helpless people.

How many more gun free tragedies need to rip through the collective heart strings of the American people before we realize that gun free zones are not just unhelpful.  Gun free zones are dangerous.

Believe it or not, school shootings have taken place since the 1700s.  Do you honestly believe that labeling schools “gun free” solves the problem?

How many more people need to die before Americans realize that gun free zones are the problem, not the solution?  This time, YOU think of the children.



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