Colorado school to allow gun-carrying teachers in classrooms

Teachers and GunsA small school district in rural northeastern Colorado will begin allowing teachers to carry concealed guns into their classrooms for the protection of their students, provided they attend regular weapons training and fire at least 100 practice rounds per month.

The school is located in Briggsdale, a small unincorporated Colorado town so rural that it takes at least 20 minutes for emergency vehicles to respond to 911 calls from the area.  School administrators believe the city’s relative distance from emergency services necessitates trained teachers packing heat.

“I don’t have a two-minute or minute-and-30 response time,” said the school district’s superintendent Rick Mondt to the Greeley Tribune. “That would be the only reason that I would think this would be somewhat of a necessity.”

“We wanted that increased awareness not only in the gun training and gun safety, but there’s also a really good component in the concealed carry training tied to the legal aspects and some of the challenges that will occur along with having a gun in their hand,” Mondt said.

The new policy will give trained teachers the power to confront deadly situations before police arrive, hopefully neutralizing the threat and ensuring the safety and security of students and staff almost immediately.

Nine women shot dead every week because victims lack deadly force

Domestic-Violence-9Women-1_Meme-noURL-320x447The “Moms Demand Action” disarmament group touts October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, claiming numbers published from a new Violence Policy Center report indicate nine American women are shot dead by their husband or intimate partner every week.  Clever as they are, the group has taken clear advantage of those numbers by once again pushing Congress to pass so-called “common sense” gun reforms that, in their eyes, somehow take guns out of the hands of women abusers.

Amazing.  Without missing a step, these mothers have missed an opportunity to better protect women from abusive partners.  Involved as this group might be in empowering women to protect themselves, focusing instead on hotly contested political diatribes in direct opposition to clear public opinion (just ask the people of Colorado) and the Constitution inadvertently dismantles any credibility the anti-gun group may have had.

Rather than empowering women by teaching how guns can protect their families, “Moms Demand Action” pleads for government laws to remove guns from the aggressors instead, standing atop a collection of fragile political miscalculations and a wasteful campaign geared towards disarmament, rather than empowerment.  Yet again, an anti-gun group loses the battle before firing the first shot.

The report only studied the number of incidents involving a female victim and a male aggressor.  Doing the math, 468 women die at the hands of gun-wielding men every year.  Eager to capitalize on the findings, the group responded.

“We urgently need better policies that protect women and their families from this senseless violence,” wrote the founder of “Moms Demand Action”.  In reality, the group’s “Please protect us!” response smacks of foolhardy carelessness.  It quietly gives off the impression that women cannot protect themselves and are somehow defenseless and feeble, dependent only on what the government can provide for them.  Worse, it savagely implies that women lack the competence and ability to fight back.  How about empowering women to better protect themselves instead?  “Moms Demand Action” will have none of it.

In truth, violence against anyone needs addressing, but not with blindly headstrong attempts to disarm the American people with legislation that even supporters in Congress admit will not prevent the next gun attack.  Harebrained adventures into the rough political waters of gun control are about as effective as our government’s ability to manage its own debt.

These numbers should indicate to “Moms Demand Action” that women should take a more proactive approach to self-defense by learning what it takes to protect themselves against those who would do them harm.  Our government could ban every gun in the United States tomorrow, but if an ex-boyfriend shows up at the doorstep of his former girlfriend’s house with an illegal firearm, no law in existence can possibly protect her.  A call to 911 is critical, but what happens in the five to 15 minutes between the call and the police’s arrival?  That depends on the victim and how prepared she is to fight back.

To the chagrin of “Moms Demand Action”, women are buying guns at record rates.  According to a Gallup poll published earlier in the year, nearly a quarter of all women are gun owners.  That adds up to almost 20 million women in our nation who are refusing to become the next victim.

The truth is guns do an excellent job at protecting women – laws do not.  A law cannot step in and diffuse the situation.  No angry gunman will turn around and leave because a law says he cannot commit that crime.  However, a 6-inch gun barrel pointed right between the lunatic’s eyes might.  The man probably does not expect a fight.  Why would he?  Groups like this imply women are helpless.

Instead of wishing for a bunch of laws to protect women from crime, take action!  Attend a self-defense class and learn how to protect yourself.  Buy a gun and learn how to use it.  Never hope for the passage of laws – that criminals will side step – to protect you.  Refuse to be a victim.

Learn how to fight back, or risk becoming another weekly statistic.

Arizona ranked best concealed carry state

download (1)Guns and Ammo magazine ranked Arizona the best state to carry a concealed weapon based on several factors, such as legal requirements to carry, application fees, and license reciprocity with other states.

Utah came in 9-points behind Arizona in second, followed by Wyoming, New Hampshire and Vermont rounding out the top 5.  Washington D.C., one of the nation’s worst areas for gun crime, came in dead last.

Arizona does not require a concealed carry license for state residents to own or carry a firearm – open or concealed.  The state’s licensing fees are among the lowest, as are the state’s training requirements before residents can obtain an optional handgun license.

Although well-publicized gun crimes have heightened the political atmosphere in favor of tightening gun laws, states have generally loosened restrictions on gun ownership over the past decade.

Earlier in the year, Guns and Ammo ranked Arizona as the best state for gun owners, citing the border state’s relaxed laws on ownership and the absence of any licensing requirements.  Once again, Washington D.C. brings up the rear with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

Video shows Americans eager to support “Orwellian system”

A video published to YouTube shows a good number of “average” Americans eager and willing to sign a [satirical] petition that advocates a Nazi-style “Orwellian” system of government to supposedly keep the American people safe.

Political prankster Mark Dice asks random San Diego beach-goers to sign a petition to dramatically increase Nazi-style “measures to keep the community safe”.  Dice makes the satirical case that the government shutdown not only cut back on funding for national parks, but has also cut back on funding for the police state.  Signature after signature, Americans willingly sign their name to a petition to implement Orwellian style control over the American people.

Dice is seen laughing and shaking his head after people continue to blindly support his satirical push to essentially bring fascism to the United States of America.

“We just want to model it after the Nazi Germany system to keep people safe and secure,” he said to one beach-goer.  ”We need this Orwellian-style system to keep everybody safe,” he says to another, who responded to Dice in the affirmative: “Yeah”.

Mark Dice’s previous YouTube videos show Americans supporting a wide variety of destructive causes, like repealing the entire Bill of Rights, repealing the First Amendment, the confiscation of guns from every Tea Party member and adding birth control drugs to the water supply.  Another video showed Mark Dice convincing random Americans that Vice President Joe Biden is dead.

Can legalizing pot ease our national debt?

potLibertarians have long supported the legalization of marijuana and putting an end to the expensive War on Drugs program on constitutional grounds, arguing the federal government has no business regulating drug use.  But, the legalization of marijuana has an attractive side benefit as well – it would flood government coffers with billions in additional revenue.

According to a Cato Institute study, legalizing marijuana will result in an additional $8.7 billion in yearly federal and state tax revenue.  In a time of excessive national debt and threats of a credit default, the prudent and expeditious dismantling of drug prohibitions is a wise choice.

Not only will government revenue increase, spending will decrease.  The study found that eliminating drug control will reduce government expenditures by more than $40 billion every year.

Several states have already legalized marijuana, including Washington and Colorado.  Nearly twenty other states have medical marijuana allowances as part of their laws and several additional states are looking to follow suit – for good reason.

The Libertarian party is correct that the federal government has no business regulating drugs.  The trillion dollar failure stands as a prime example of what happens when government involves itself in matters of the people.  Prohibition failed before, and it is failing again.  Further, it costs the American taxpayer dearly to maintain the failure.  What does the United States have to show for our expensive War on Drugs?  Larger prisons.  Huge drug cartels.  Complex underground drug transportation networks that get innocent people killed every day.

The War on Drugs denies the most basic human right of all people to control their own bodies in ways they see fit.  Did you know that over 100,000 die every year from drugs?  But, there is a catch!  These are not illegal drugs.  These are prescription drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  More than 100,000 deaths yearly from FDA-approved drugs.

How many do you think die from marijuana?  You might be surprised to find out that deaths are extremely rare from marijuana consumption.

The fact of the matter is hemp is actually quite useful as a natural, environmentally-friendly resource.  Hemp can be made into a variety of products that Americans use every day, like paper and plastic, and even clothing.  It is also an incredibly effective medicine and far cheaper for most Americans than swallowing a bunch of expensive pharmaceutical drugs – drugs that might kill them.

Drug legalization lowers costs of drugs, easing related drug crimes and reducing the effectiveness of large and deadly drug cartels.  Drug sales are taxed and therefore a legitimate business, raising enormous amounts of revenue for our cash-strapped government.  Our prison population will ease, leaving more room for true criminals – those who cheat, steal and murder.  Local police departments will free up to investigate more important crimes that directly involve our safety…not to mention respond to accidents and 911 calls more quickly.

Stop our harebrained and foolhardy adherence to a failed system of prohibition.  It saves Americans money.  It restores the Constitution.  It implements sanity.

Poll finds new popularity among third parties

A new Gallup poll indicates that more Americans than ever recognize the need for a third party to threaten the political monopoly that Democrats and Republicans clearly represent in our country.

According to Gallup, 60% of those polled believe that the United States needs a third party – that is the highest percentage of Americans answering in the affirmative since the polling organization began asking the question 10-years ago.  The poll also found only a quarter of those surveyed believe the Democrats and Republicans are doing an adequate job at representing them in government.

Gallup Poll

While encouraged by the findings, it still remains unclear whether Americans will remember their disgust of Democrats and Republicans when it comes time to pull the lever in the next election cycle.  Historically, Americans have resisted electing anyone other than a Democrat or Republican at the polls, putting into question whether many in our nation are prepared to put their money with their mouth is and refuse to re-elect inferior incumbents.

Still, the poll gives comfort to third parties in the nation who hope to make some kind of impact in national elections.  The Libertarian Party is the largest third party in America, but continues to only win single-digit support in presidential elections.

New Jersey to allow gay marriage

Republican governor Chris Christie lost his bid to delay gay marriage in his state as the New Jersey State Supreme Court ruled unanimously that marriages between two same-sex partners can begin October 21st.

A lower state court had previously ruled that the state must allow same-sex marriages.  Anti-marriage-freedom governor Christie requested a stay of the decision.

The court’s decision is a victory for freedom-loving Americans who recognize that governments have no legitimate place regulating who can marry.  Treating all people equal under the law is a tenant ingrained in the culture of the United States, even though several states stubbornly remain in control of the social issue.

New Jersey becomes the thirteenth state to officially recognize same sex marriages.