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Female? Give libertarian a try.

Female? Give libertarian a try.

Author’s note: I am a man and make no claims I fully understand women’s issues or what it is like to be a woman in America. However, I do understand liberty, equal rights, and the concept of gender egalitarianism through private action. Abortion. Birth control. Equal pay. Prostitution. Sexual violence. Today, these are common issues


Wealth redistribution: why not give people jobs instead?

This nation has a chronic problem of entitlement – unemployment checks, welfare, SNAP, social security, medicaid/medicare, and the list goes on. The central core of this problem ultimately comes down to whether our nation simply gives people resources or makes them earn it. So here’s my proposal: let’s do both. Give the assistance if people work


Republicans: fight for a $15 minimum wage

Republicans, listen up, it’s time you start fighting fire with fire and stop letting this president run rampant with his rhetoric. It’s time you start acting like a party that had principles and stop selling out your most basic principles of limited government over issues like two kissing men in wedlock, religion and expensive never-ending


Sweden’s Shrinking State

Ah, Sweden, the very mention of it will often bring about the phrase ‘liberal paradise’. The land where healthcare is free, everyone lives long lives, and there’s no crime or violence, despite huge taxes and a massive public government. All of it sounds wonderful except: it hasn’t been that way since the early 1990′s and