Beretta to move after Maryland passes strict gun laws

Italian gun manufacturer Beretta, one of the biggest and oldest gun companies in the world, plans to follow through with its threat to leave the state of Maryland after new gun regulations would ban one of its own 9mm pistols with its 13-round capacity.  Previously, Beretta moved one of its warehouses to Virginia after the state’s last gun control maneuver.

Once again, politicians are using their power to enact gun laws that not only fail to make state residents more safe, but actively discourage business in the state.  Over the decades of calling Maryland their U.S. home, Beretta has contributed more than $30 million to the state’s treasury and currently employs more than 400 people.



Steve Adcock is the founder and editor, SmallGovTimes.com and works full time as a software developer in the southwest United States. When not at the computer, Steve can be found at the local gun range or in the gym.

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  1. Justin Cherington said:

    I think it’s fantastic what these firearm companies are doing. What other areas of business stand up for what’s right instead of just the bottom line?

  2. LIBIntOrg said:

    Thanks for the article. ( For more info on actual people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://www.Libertarian-International.org ….)
    Steve, kudos opn the new site–if you can put a twitter share button on the articles we will share them directly at our SMILE twitter from time to time.

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