Bill to end shutdown includes a $3 billion pork subsidy for Ohio River project

In Washington’s limitless supply of corruption with American tax dollars, the deal that re-opened a supposed “closed” government included something extra special for Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: a $2.8 billion provision to boost funding for the Olmstead dam and lock project on the Ohio River, calling into question the fed’s willingness to fund expensive projects when the country is flat broke.

A priority for the minority leader, the Olmstead project would benefit eastern states like McConnell’s Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.

The earmarks do not end there.  The bill also includes another $636 million to the Department of the Interior and Forest Service for firefighting.  Further, the bill funds the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) in their work on weather satellites orbiting outside the earth’s atmosphere.

Amazingly, the bill also “extends expired authority for Defense Department to support African forces hunting warlord Joseph Kony,” according to ABC News.

The earmarked bill allows nonessential government employees back to work after a two week furlough.  It also allows an increase in the debt ceiling to avoid default on the United States’ loans, a mark that President Barack Obama does not want on his record.  The final bill includes no provisions to de-fund Obamacare after Republicans once again gave in to Democratic demands.

However, the relief is only temporary.  The bill provides funding only through mid-January, when Congress will wage battle to push another round of funding and avoid a second government “shutdown”.



Article written by Steve Adcock

Steve Adcock is the founder and editor, and works full time as a software developer in the southwest United States. When not at the computer, Steve can be found at the local gun range or in the gym.

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