Building up war with Syria, where is the anti-war movement?

The years of George W. Bush’s presidency made for fun and exciting viewing of a variety of anti-war groups protesting Bush’s foreign policy and never-ending “military engagements” that taxpayers are still on the hook to pay for.  But as Barack Obama continues the drumbeat of war against Syria, where is the outrage from protest groups like Code Pink?

code-pinkApparently, these groups are flat out of money.  It also does not help that a Democrat is now in the White House, which takes much of the fodder out of their purely hypocritical and entirely hollow cries for so-called “peace”.  According to Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, in fact, many of the groups that spent many-a-working-hour during the Bush administration protesting his foreign policy simply no longer exist.

“That’s the number one problem, is that the antiwar movement is a shadow of its former self under the Bush years.”  She said many of the smaller groups are down to just a few volunteer members, and even the once-well-known Code Pink stands as a hollow shell of what it once may have been.

One anti-war activist believes the popularity of these groups during the Bush years was purely political.  “The Democrats are missing in action because of course the president is a Democrat,” he said.  “What’s tamping down the activism is partisanship”.

How sad.  The criticisms were true years ago when accusations of partisanship and Bush-hatred plagued these groups.  It was fun to be anti-war when a Republican is in office, but now that Democrats run the show, it is no longer in fashion.  The entire depressed protest movement was hollow and ineffectual, now gutted by politics and laziness.

There is no shortage of protest-ables today.  Obama’s war drumbeat over Syria is as hollow as Bush’s insistence on attacking Iraq.  The anti-war ammunition is still there.  The opportunities exist.  Americans are more cynical than ever over the actions of their own government.  They want an organized and proactive approach to combat these never-ending military escapades in the middle east.  The anti-war movement is ripe for success.

…if they knew how to put politics aside.




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