Colorado to consider stripping gun rights from state residents

Gun1According to the Washington Times, the state of Colorado will convene today to consider four different measures that curtail a lawful person’s right to carry firearms and load magazines with a capacity that the state considers to be excessive.  The Times believes the new laws are likely to pass.

House Bill #1224 bans gun magazines with a capacity greater than 15 rounds.  Bill #1226 will restrict individuals with valid CCW licenses from carrying weapons onto the campuses of colleges and universities.  Bill #1228 imposes a new so-called “gun tax” when running background checks ahead of a firearm purchase.  Lastly, Bill #1229 will make it a crime to transfer or sell a firearm privately between two people without another background check.

Despite the fact that gun free zones are notoriously susceptible to gun violence, the state of Colorado seems steadfastly focused on disarming law-abiding citizens and turning state residents into sitting ducks that cannot possibly defense themselves against attacks, especially on school campuses.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  Stay safe, and stay vigilant.




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