Colorado’s recall vote sends strong pro-liberty message

Most ‘reasonably informed’ people throughout the country are aware of the recall election in Colorado of two Democratic politicians who supported and pushed through strict new gun control laws that limit magazine capacities and expand background checks.

What people may not be aware of is this is Colorado’s first ever recall vote, and Coloradans are 1 for 1.  With 100% of state precincts reporting, both senators have been successfully ousted from office, sending a strong message that the destruction of constitutional liberties will not be tolerated in the state of Colorado.

Coloradans fought Bloomberg’s well-funded Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) outfit and successfully collected the signatures required to hold a recall vote against Senators John Morse of Colorado Springs and Angela Giron of Pueblo .  A total of 12,648 signatures were collected for Giron and 10,137 were collected for Morse.  Together, almost 23,000 residents felt strongly enough about the issue of guns to sign the petition.

Recall supporters raised a mere $500,000 to fund the effort.  Supporters of the two Democratic politicians, however, amassed $3.5 million.  Even when significantly out-funded, freedom-loving state residents showed up for the fight.  Out-spent, out-gunned and out-resourced against incumbent politicians, their success in getting a recall election approved by the state indicates nothing less than a growing number of the population fed up with the gun-grabbing.   Residents are clearly tired of the government making gun control their problem.

The effort serves as a referendum against the government’s encroachment on gun rights of the American people.  Both Morse and Giron supported gun laws that increase gun feeslimit magazine capacities to 15 rounds and enforce universal background checks in the state, all paid for by the gun purchaser.  Since criminals do not obey the law, these increased burdens are ONLY felt by the very people who signed these recall petitions – law-abiding citizens.

Colorado is the unfortunate home of two different highly publicized shootings, Columbine and the Aurora theater shootings.

The Columbine incident, from April of 1999, took the lives of 12 students and one teacher, injuring 24 more.  The two school-aged gunman unloaded a total of 151 rounds in the school using a variety of guns that were all legally purchased, but with several illegal modifications made to them.

In Aurora, a gunman killed 12 people and injured 58 others in a Century movie theater by entering the building through an emergency back door.   The gunman had plenty of movie theaters to choose from that night to unleash his rampage.  He chose the only theater within 20 minutes of his home that was gun-free, knowing that he would most likely have free reign over helpless movie-goers, even those with concealed carry permits.  Colorado allows residents to carry firearms inside private businesses with a valid state-issued permit unless the business forbids it.

These two incidents teach us that criminals do not obey the law.  A maniac determined to kill innocent people will find a way to kill innocent people.  In the case of Columbine, the guns were acquired legally and modified to fit their purpose.  In Aurora, the gunman chose an adequate facility whose policies created a dream environment in which to kill a bunch of unarmed and defenseless people.  The law stopped no one.

Of all states, Colorado should know that self-defense is what saves the lives of innocent people, not government.  Politicians cannot legislate away societal and mental health problems by pushing through laws that restrict the use of tools in a crime.

The people of Colorado evidently know this.

Two Colorado politicians have realized how far they can push the American people before they finally begin fighting back.  Politicians from around the nation should take notice.



Steve Adcock is the founder and editor, SmallGovTimes.com and works full time as a software developer in the southwest United States. When not at the computer, Steve can be found at the local gun range or in the gym.

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