Communists rally behind Obama to disarm Americans

Yeah-gun-control-worksAlthough the majority of the American people are justifiably opposed to the blatant attempt by our federal government to unduly restrict the people’s right to own firearms, Obama has made friends once again with the Communist Party in his assault on American freedom.

Communists argue “no government, especially one that is new and fragile, has ever authorized citizens to arm themselves against it,” and pleads with all Americans to stand with President Obama and support a government monopoly on force.  Communists are asking Americans to willingly support their own demise.

In a recent posting on the “People’s World” web site – an official publication of the Communist Party – it is argued that the second amendment “fraud” was only perpetrated by “arch-right-wing” Supreme Court appointee Antonin Scalia.  The second amendment was intended to properly resource the newly standing United States Army against insurrection and was never, they argue, meant to allow personal ownership of firearms.

Perhaps the Communist Party should be reminded that at the time of the Constitution’s birth, gun ownership was about as prevalent as air itself.  Guns were the American people’s way of protecting themselves.  Even if the Communist Party’s interpretation of the second amendment is accurate, the 10th amendment, which forbids the federal government from placing restrictions on the American people unless constitutionally authorized to do so, covers gun ownership in the United States.  Either way, Americans are constitutionally authorized to gun ownership, through and through.  Our founders, who were clearly aware that any desire to remove guns from the people’s hands would be met with a swift (and armed) uprising, were smart enough not to restrict gun ownership in our new country.

The posting also rails against the NRA, “right wing extremists” and even throws the requisite Fox News into the mix for good measure, and argues that it is our “moral obligation” to stand with President Obama and his systematic efforts to disarm the American people, law by law.  Americans have no right, according to Communists, to own firearms.  Only the government is elite enough to bear arms against the population.

Communists argue that the United States suffers from one of the worst gun problems in the world, claiming 30,000 Americans lose their lives every year from guns, while other nations – with stricter gun controls – apparently slide under the radar of gun violence.  Perhaps Communists simply are not aware of the extremely high rates of gun-related homicides in a wide array of foreign nations, like Columbia, who scores highest in the world in homicides per 100,000 citizens.  Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica and Barbados all have higher numbers of homicides per 100,000 people than the United States.  Gun ownership is not permitted in Costa Rica or Barbados.

The Communist Party also neglected to mention that of the 30,000 deaths per year from guns, more than half are suicides – hardly a valid statistic to use in a battle cry against firearms.

Perhaps if Communists truly wished to address the issue of gun violence, they would instead focus on our prescription drug culture and medical industry that loads our nation’s children up with untold amounts of stimulants, depressants and other so-called powerful pain relievers – for it is these mind altering drugs, which are perfectly legal, that drive so many of our people to do wild and crazy things, including mercilessly kill.

But for the Communist Party and the gun control movement as a whole, it’s not about guns.  It’s about control.

Communists are standing proud in their assault of freedom with President Obama, and Americans would be wise to remain steadfastly opposed to the removal of firearms from the population.  A disarmed society is an easy-to-control society.  Government knows this.  Any nation with large, powerful and controlling governments know this.  Communists know this, quite well.

When it comes to the ability to own guns, these “extremists”, as communists call them, are full-blown patriots.  They are literally the only force between the government and the complete removal of all firearms from the American people, leaving us helpless and sitting ducks to any force, any danger, any consequence of a distinct lack of protection for ourselves, our families and our freedoms.  Obama might have a friend in the Communist Party, but we have friends in the liberty movement.

Liberty, after all, is the reason our great nation exists today.



One thought on “Communists rally behind Obama to disarm Americans

  1. Where is Joseph McCarthy when you need him? Lawmakers like Feinstein and Schumer totally believe only the elite of society have the right to personal protection. We are at a loss to what we can really do to effect a real change in congress. Yeah, we have a vote; but the seats are spaced out so much that it would take 6 years to make any sweeping changes, and that is if we can get enough support. Most people are too wrapped up in themselves to even listen to a dissenting view. What we could really use is a referundum power, which would , of course, require a constitutional ammendment, which I feel is a slippery slope at best. Why would we- how could we trust them to change anything in our favor… we cannot. Here we are with our backs to the wall, caught between “we the people” and “they want to rule” without any real power other than what OUR second ammendment provides…protection against tyranny. IN GOD WE TRUST!

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