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  1. michael fain
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    Where is Joseph McCarthy when you need him? Lawmakers like Feinstein and Schumer totally believe only the elite of society have the right to personal protection. We are at a loss to what we can really do to effect a real change in congress. Yeah, we have a vote; but the seats are spaced out so much that it would take 6 years to make any sweeping changes, and that is if we can get enough support. Most people are too wrapped up in themselves to even listen to a dissenting view. What we could really use is a referundum power, which would , of course, require a constitutional ammendment, which I feel is a slippery slope at best. Why would we- how could we trust them to change anything in our favor… we cannot. Here we are with our backs to the wall, caught between “we the people” and “they want to rule” without any real power other than what OUR second ammendment provides…protection against tyranny. IN GOD WE TRUST!

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