DGU: Victim fires gun at attacker, stops “electric” attack

Watch out, fellow criminals – not every one of your victims will be completely helpless, as was the case for one kid in Lansing, Michigan who attempted to use his malfunctioning stun gun on an innocent man standing at a school bus stop.

The 28-year-old victim was waiting for his daughter at her school bus stop last week.  A teenaged kid walked up to the victim, pulled out his 1.8 million volt stun gun and shoved it into the side of the victim.  The stun gun malfunctioned.  Nothing happened.

The victim pulled his 40-caliber handgun and shot the victim once in the butt as the teenager began to flee, who stumbled across the street and sat down, leg bloodied and pleading with the victim not to kill him.  Of course, the victim did not continue shooting.

According to a witness, in fact, the intended victim was supportive and stood with the attacker until the police came.



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