Federal disability recipients have no plan to go back to work

Hand-Out-620x480In the latest affront to hard-working Americans, the Washington Examiner published the results of a survey given to those who receive federal disability.  The results reveal an extreme lack of motivation to find work among recipients – who are often under-educated and overweight – and an atmosphere of laziness and a life-long dependence on social entitlements.

The survey categorized responses from both SSI and SSDI disability recipients.  SSI refers to “disabled” Americans who have never worked and, therefore, never paid into the Social Security system.  SSDI refers to “disabled” Americans who have paid into the Social Security system in the past.

The findings published by the Washington Examiner indicate that nearly 3/4ths of SSDI recipients have no goal of returning to workever.  60% of SSI recipients share the same goal. Of those who actually did find a job and worked while on disability, 72% got paid under the table as to keep disability checks rolling in every month.  Nearly a quarter of SSDI recipients do not have a high school diploma or a GED.

Around 90% of both SSI and SSDI recipients have received no training of any kind to help prepare them for jobs in the future.  A whopping 96% (SSDI) and 93% (SSI) of recipients have not looked for a job in the past four weeks.

In fact, close to 10% of SSI recipients DO NOT admit to a physical or mental condition of any kind that would prevent them from getting a job or performing every day activities.  Close to 3/4ths of recipients are either overweight or obese.

Almost 30% of SSI recipients admit to never holding a paid job in their lives.  To no surprise, 81% of SSI recipients also admit to being on Medicaid and 43% have no HS diploma or GED.  SSDI recipients are slightly more educated with 9% possessing a 4-year college degree.

When asked how long they have received government benefits, ’242 months or more’ was the clear winner, indicating extremely long-term reliance on taxpayer-funded government benefits and, quite frankly, a general attitude of malaise and ineptitude, unwilling and unmotivated to find work and getting off of disability – even when they could.

This report reveals a wholesale war on productivity being fought in the United States.  If you work, you are made out to be a greedy villain.  If you favor lower taxes and less spending, you become the enemy.  Are you productive and law-abiding?  Then you’re heartless.

Live your life off of the backs of the taxpayer and you become a member of a growing voting base so powerful that you immediately consume the hearts and minds of our political class, each party clamoring for your vote in exchange for a life-long dependence on government checks.  Even if you’re perfectly capable of working, the government checks will not stop coming your way.

So sit back and relax.  The American taxpayer is here to support you.



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