Federal government raids legal CA marijuana dispensaries

In September, the federal government raided several California-based marijuana dispensaries and issued letters to dozens of others threatening the shops to comply with federal law, even though the shops are perfectly legal within the state.

The hell with state’s rights.  The federal government will stop at no law or regulation when it comes to enforcing regulations put in place by unaccountable career politicians.  Apparently to the Drug Enforcement Agency, a state’s ability to design their own set of laws for its own people takes second fiddle to the power of Washington D.C.  The feds have shut down more than 500 peaceful, legal dispensaries in the past couple of years.

Virtually unrestricted federal reign over legal state matters has no place in a free society.

Citizens in several states, including Colorado and Washington, voiced their discontent with Washington’s drug policy and voted in November to legalize the recreational use of pot.  17 states have already voted to legalize the medical use of the drug.  Federal law, however, prohibits the drug’s use in any circumstance.

In a land where the federal government rules, state’s rights be damned.



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