GOP making Paul delegates feel welcome in Tampa

According to Ron Paul’s campaign spokesman Jesse Benton, the Republican Party has been nothing but respectful and friendly to the Ron Paul campaign and his staff throughout the process of logistical planning in the lead up to the convention.

In fact, a Ron Paul rally scheduled to be held at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome was planned in large part by the GOP.  This may be a ploy to help encourage Paul and his supporters to ultimately get behind the GOP’s likely nominee, Mitt Romney, once the convention has passed.

Paul has said he is not yet decided whether or not he will throw his support behind Mitt Romney. 



One thought on “GOP making Paul delegates feel welcome in Tampa

  1. Of course it’s a ploy to garner support just like we greet our neighbors and do whatever to get along socially.Everything we do can be construed as being a ploy for the purpose of obtaining something or other.Such is human nature just like Ron Paul supporters have their own ploys and manipulations.we all do it so why even bring it up? My question is; why don’t Ron Paul supporters ever express gratitude to Republicans for allowing a non-Republican to use the Republican Party platform for the sole purpose of exposing the masses to Libertarian ideology? Why can’t Libertarians give more to Republicans who have helped them so much with getting Ron Paul’s message out there?

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