Gun control would have prevented Boston bombings?

As reported by the Washington Times, an editor over at the New York Post postulated that gun controls like the ones that failed in the Senate this month would have made the Boston bombing a “hell of a lot more difficult to pull off”.  Laughably, here is what the editor said, “I think a domestic question has to be asked is how do kids like [the Tsarnaev brothers] get guns.”

Criminals get guns illegally, Mr. Editor, and there is no exception in the case of the Boston bombings.  As the Times reported, authorities said the guns used to shoot the MIT police officer during the escape attempt by the bombers were obtained illegally.  Neither of the Tsarnaev brothers had valid permits for the weapons.

Careful readers here will quickly pick up on the obvious point – criminals do not obey laws!  The editor went on to say, clumsily, “It’s not, to me, and I don’t want to politicize an act of terrorism, but it’s, it is worth remarking upon, worth remarking upon, in that within a week’s time a very, very, very weak gun control bill gets defeated, in effect defeated in the Senate, we see yet another act which might have been a Hell of a lot more difficult to pull off with effective gun control.”

The logic in use here is fascinating   Neither brother possessed the legal authority to bear arms in their state.  Yet, this editor thinks that if more laws were on the books, it would have made the bomber’s jobs at the Boston Marathon more difficult.  By what…making their guns even more illegal?

Does the level of legality somehow effect loss of life?  Of course not.  This story proves – just like so many others – that laws do not, and cannot, prevent crimes.  More strict gun laws in place during the marathon would have accomplished one thing, and one thing only: it would have made it more difficult for a law-abiding citizen in the crowd to carry a weapon for their own personal protection against just these kinds of people…of criminals, of terrorists.

If people refuse to recognize the clear evidence right under their noses, how are we ever going to make meaningful progress in ensuring liberty and freedom for the American people?  Ignorance and naivety are not valid excuses.



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