It is a problem with gangs, not a problem with guns

Until the United States finally begins to realize that gangs are a big part of the problem with violence in this country, Americans will never be truly safe.  Gun control sells, but gang control doesn’t.

The FBI reports that more than 33,000 violent gangs roam the streets of America.  Their organization is sophisticated and effective.  Communication between gang factions is well honed.  They know how to terrorize the American people, and they take advantage of our emotionally-driven gun control culture every day.

By now, virtually everybody knows of Chris Lane, the Australian athlete that was senselessly gunned down last week while jogging.  Most Americans also know of Delbert Belton, the World War II veteran who was beaten to death in Washington.  These cases have something important and essential in common – and no, it’s not guns.

Both victims were targeted by members of gangs.  What was originally dubbed a “boredom” killing in the case of Chris Lane now turns out to be a gang initiation.  They used a gun to kill, but as the Belton case proves, guns are not necessary.

Guns, knives, crow bars and heck, even pens and pencils, are all objects that can be used in the commission of a crime.  But the objects are not the problem.

Confront the gang problem in America or we will keep losing the War on Violence.




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