Let’s set New York up as an example and support gun control

Revolver-1-29H9TW5Y2P-800x600After spending the better part of my adult life witnessing first hand how little gun control works in virtually any form and politicians completely ignoring clear empirical evidence, I have decided to switch my tune and support gun control – and I am talking about stringent, restrictive and completely unconstitutional gun control – in the state of New York.  If you guys want it, then I think you should get it.

Completely disarm the law-abiding citizens of the state of New York and only allow guns into the hands of criminals.  Forget the 7-round magazine limit.  Simply ban ALL semi-automatic guns, including AR-type rifles and handguns.  Heck, throw revolvers into the mix as well.  Ban every gun.  Only police are allowed to legally carry a firearm in the state of New York.

Let’s do it.  Support gun control in the state of New York.  Unless the state “goes all the way” with control, it is meaningless and nonsensical to ban “assault style weapons” because regular handguns are used in the vast majority of gun crimes, not these supposed “assault weapons”.  Regular handguns, like a 9mm Glock 19.  Nothing more powerful or expensive than a $200 revolver is all you need to commit a gun crime.

I call on the state of New York to put their money where their mouth is – ban every gun.  Stop picking and choosing the firearm capabilities of state residents.  Stop these piecemeal attacks on a law-abiding person’s ability to defend him or herself.  Man up, New York state, and just ban everything – if you have the guts.

Then after a couple years, I call on the state of New York to release its crime statistics since the ban took effect to illustrate the effectiveness of gun control – if the state dares.



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