Libertarian to challenge status quo in battle over Kerry seat

2012-08-30 19.00.15After Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s appointment to Secretary of State within the Obama Administration, a battle has emerged to fill the open position.  Undaunted by the entrenched two-party system, Libertarian Daniel Fishman officially announced his plans Tuesday to run for the seat.

“I think there is an awakening in Massachusetts,” Fishman said, who has easily positioned himself as the only truly consistent small government candidate for the state’s vacated Senate seat.  “There’s no question I am a dark horse,” Fishman added.  But for the freedom-loving people of Massachusetts, “there’s nobody coming close to representing them.”

Fishman will need 10,000 signatures before April 3rd to be placed on the official state Special Election ballot.  Voting will take place June 25th to fill the seat.

Fishman is a big advocate of sales taxes in lieu of punishing federal income taxation.  He also supports the legalization of Marijuana, a fair and equal right to marry under the law, and a return of personal decision-making freedom to the American people.  “The Republicans and Democrats have willfully polarized the country for political gain,” he wrote on his official campaign web site.  “All I ask of you is that you consider which candidate will put more power into your hands.  If all power derives from the people, which is the premise of our country, government can not increase power without diminishing the power of the people.”

Daniel Fishman’s official website has been setup at



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