Man suing TSA after being thrown in jail over peanut butter joke

nutty8n-4-webFrank Hannibal got more than he bargained for when making his way through the TSA screening area at LaGuardia Airport.  TSA agents were apparently concerned about the thin layer of oil over top his gourmet Crazy Richards peanut butter and pulled the married father of two out of line for inspection.

Jokingly, Hannibal commented to his family that “They’re looking to confiscate my explosives”.  A TSA agent overheard the comment and immediately called for police, who proceeded to handcuff the dangerous jokster and took him to jail where he spent the next 25 hours after being charged with falsely reporting an incident, which is a felony.

The charges were baffling – Hannibal made the remark to his family, not a TSA agent or police officer.  It remains unclear how making a comment to one’s family can be considered “reporting an incident”.  Apparently the local police department agreed and eventually dropped the ridiculous charges.

Hannibal is suing the TSA for $5 million.  “It sounds laughable now but at the time to be led out of there like a terrorist was unbelievable,” Hannibal said. “My whole life was up in the air. It was a nightmare. My children were overwhelmed. It was crazy.”



One thought on “Man suing TSA after being thrown in jail over peanut butter joke

  1. Heck, a little oil ’round the top; just stir it in; stir it up…
    i fought the law and the law won, today…but, tomorrow will be another story if I live to tell the truth and do what’s necessary.
    Watch out for the goons with badges, as they really think they’re doiing ‘something good’ as taught by bush and obama regimes.
    Even Hitler verily thought he ‘was doing something good’.
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions and tsa goons have ‘em all…bye, bye when the time comes goon guys and gals…’bite me, then, when the table’s turned.

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