Mass Killing in Brooklyn Leaves 5 Dead

The AP news wire has reported that as of this publication time, at least 5 are dead in Brooklyn, NY due to a mass stabbing, including a toddler.

The NYPD has stated early Sunday morning around 3:30 a.m. EDT, that emergency responders found three victims dead at a Sunset Park neighborhood residence before 11 p.m. EDT Saturday. Two others were taken to Brooklyn hospitals and later pronounced dead. Other news sources have reported a single man has been taken into custody, SmallGovTimes can not yet provide confirmation to support this.  (source from the AP news wire)

A tragedy, yet not a single firearm was used. This vicious act of crime was a mass stabbing and without the use of the firearms, including a toddler’s death. Should we move to ban all objects with a pointy-end to prevent such brutal atrocities? Can we point to knives as the downfall of our once great society? Where is the out-cry by America to ‘do something’ about it?

Sadly, you will find none. This story will pass from common memory like dust into the wind and those five that died today will just be known as another brutal statistic in the annals of American history. All because it lacks the word ‘gun’ in it.

However, here, we believe that these deaths are no less tragic or heart-wrenching simply because one tool was used versus another to commit this heinous act. Life is precious and there will always be villains who will seek out any means necessary to cause suffering and pain. Ban guns, they will use knives, ban knives, they will use sticks, ban sticks, they will use rocks.

Others have used incidents like Sandy Hook or Columbine to convince us guns need to banned. Therefore,  we should expect them, too, to use the Brooklyn mass stabbing of October 26th, 2013 as a call to ban all sharp objects.

Somehow, I won’t hold my breath about it and these five individuals won’t see the same sympathy or sorrow expressed for them being murdered — and all just because it wasn’t with a gun.




Article written by Alex Ebadirad

Alex Ebadirad is a contributor and columnist to SmallGovTimes. He is a formally trained economist, a registered independent, and often aligns with classical libertarianism. When not being critical of politicians or policy, he can be found enjoying the culinary arts.

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