Michigan open carry BBQ ends with zero deaths

07742e1a1cae81d1200 responsible gun owners showed up to an “open carry” barbecue held in Riverside Park, Michigan over the weekend and were encouraged to attend the event while openly carrying their firearms.  Astoundingly, nobody was killed.

The event, attended by law-abiding gun owners, was designed to raise awareness that the police and criminals are not the only groups of people who carry guns in this country.  “We’re trying to show people there’s a third group, ordinary everyday good people,” said Phillip Hofmeister, president of Michigan Open Carry.

Miraculously, nobody was killed.

Several attendees of the BBQ brought their kids to the event, some as young as 6-years old and carrying fake weapons in holsters on their hips as their parents carried actual weapons.  Signs for the event surrounding the park encouraged the public to bring a dish – and a firearm.

Amazingly, nobody was killed.




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