New bill would ban those on terror watch list from buying guns

1 TRSENA04 FARRELLLast week, Democrat Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey introduced a bill that would ban the sale of firearms to those who are on the terrorist watch list, which fills what the Senator considers to be a “gaping hole” in federal gun control legislation.

One question: How does an individual get into the terror watch list?  Or for that matter, how does one get off that list?

Currently, federal law prohibits the sale of firearms to those who have committed a crime (including domestic violence or illegal immigration).  The law does not give the government the right to confiscate weapons of, or prevent the sale to, those on the so-called terrorist watch list.

Guilty until proven innocent.  Shameful. 

This, by very definition, means the Lautenberg bill would prohibit the sale of guns to those who have not broken any law.  Sure, the term “terrorist watch list” sounds bad, and who wouldn’t want to ban the sale of weapons to terrorists?

But nobody really knows how you get onto that list – or who is on the list.  By what standard does the government consider you to be a potential terrorist, and should that standard – whatever it is – automatically disqualify you from firearm purchases when you have committed no crime?

“Our gun laws have gaping holes that allow known and suspected terrorists to walk into a gun store and leave with legally purchased deadly weapons,” he said.  The sky sure is falling, isn’t it Senator?

How many of our nation’s school shootings would have been prevented by this bill?

Mr. Lautenberg needs to answer this question.  The answer, of course, is simple: this bill would have prevented no school tragedy, and Lautenberg knows it.  Gun control efforts are notorious for enacting legislation that historically accounts for an incredibly small fraction of gun crime in the United States, if that.  This bill is no different.

In fact, the bill’s very premise is terribly flawed. To support this bill, one would have to believe that terrorists have no ability to obtain firearms through undocumented and underground channels.  Further, the bill assumes that a known terrorist, who has a premeditated plan and clear opportunity to terrorize the United States, would surely use his or her own identity to purchase firearms.  These assumptions, which this entire bill depends on, are laughably absurd.

And please ignore the fact that the United States government has funded and sold weapons to nations that harbor terrorists for decades, including nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt.  The United States is the largest arms exporter in the world, by far!  But, even the most basic logic and reasoning has no place in the discussion of gun control.  This bill fails the sanity check.

The Lautenberg bill brings the insanity of gun control to a whole new level.  Not only does current gun legislation make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms for personal protection, this bill would make it illegal to sell a gun to a person who the government believes might commit a crime.  This nonsense has no place in a free society.

This is another example of rampant destruction of personal liberty in the United States and sheltered politicians who are clueless to the realities of normal life in our country.  If Lautenberg has his way, you no longer need to be a convicted criminal any longer to have your constitutional right to keep and bear arms removed from you by federal bureaucrats under “less than public” guidelines and procedures.

If the government believes you might commit a crime in the future, then basic constitutional rights no longer apply to you.  You are, most definitely, guilty until proven innocent.



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