New bill would establish toughest anti-drone laws in Texas

imagesNew legislation filed in Texas by Republican Representative Lance Gooden proposes the toughest laws against the use of indiscriminate drone surveillance of the American people, restricting  drone use only within 25-miles of the Texas/Mexico border, or with proper search and arrest warrants.

All other uses from individuals, law enforcement or federal authorities would be prohibited in the state.

“These drones are going to get so cheap that soon you’ll be able to buy your own drone at Best Buy,” Gooden said.  “You could park it a foot above the ground in your neighbor’s back yard and film into their house.  If someone wanted to film your children out playing by the pool and put that video on the Internet, as creepy as that sounds.

Gooden said it is important to address the issue now before drone lobbies begin surfacing to push legislation in support of domestic spying.

Texas is not the only state battling the issue of drones.  Seattle’s mayor ordered its police department to stop its plan to use drones after relentless complaints from concerned citizens over privacy.

A similar bill in Florida would ban the use of drones except in cases of “terrorism”, missing children and court-ordered warrants.



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