New Colorado gun laws prevent gun buy-back program

Try this one on for size: organizers for a planned gun buy-back program in Boulder, Colorado were forced to cancel the event at the request of Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle because new state laws would have made it nearly impossible for the event to be lawful.

Strict new Colorado gun laws passed earlier in the year require all gun transfers to go through an FFL-licensed gun dealer. ¬†Since Colorado’s FFL licensing system is not portable and cannot be used at this event, the transfer of weapons at the buy-back program would, therefore, be against this new law.

“The idea was to collect guns and then immediately hand them over to the Sheriff’s Office for destruction,” wrote a local NBC news affiliate, seemingly unaware that violent criminals intent on committing a crime with a firearm generally do not voluntarily give up their weapons for a small value gift card. ¬†According to NBC, students involved with the event raised nearly $8,000 to fund the gift cards.

The law of unintended consequences strikes again.



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