Newtown, CT gun permits double amid anti-gun legislation

correctccwpermitIn news that few supporters of increased gun control want to admit is true, 211 gun application permits have been filed with the Newtown, Connecticut police department thus far this year, which easily surpasses last year’s total of 171.  One of the major reasons for the increase in gun applications?  New gun laws that residents fear will strip their ability to keep and bear arms.

All Americans know Newtown to be the site of the December 14th tragedy where 26 teachers and children were gunned down by a maniac.  The incident incited emotionally-driven calls for more gun control and a further restriction on law-abiding people’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

But less than a year later, guns and ammunition are flying off the shelves nationwide, and the number of gun permits in Newtown itself is set to easily double that of last year.

Law-abiding people are taking stock of thire freedoms and are naturally resistant to such a clear and present danger to their ability to carry a firearm for self defense.  Bring your fists to a gun fight, and there isn’t a law in America strong enough to protect you, or your family, from death.



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