NY sheriffs fight back against gun laws, refuse enforcement

NY SAFE ACT2Fresh off of Colorado’s successful recall election of two Democratic anti-gun politicians, sheriffs in several New York County’s have pledged not to enforce New York’s new strict gun control laws that ban the sale of some semi-automatic rifles, require gun registration with the state and limit loaded magazines to seven rounds AND bans magazines with the mere capacity to hold more than 10 rounds.

Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond said that he is sticking up for local citizens, many of them avid hunters, by refusing to enforce any of the state’s new strict controls on guns that the state considers to be “dangerous”.  He promised that his police department will not make arrests based on the state’s new stance against freedom.

Over in Saratoga County, New York, a former lieutenant running for County Sheriff has promised that, if elected, he will not enforce the state’s new gun laws.  The primary was held on Tuesday and as of this writing, no clear winner has emerged.

Further, New York’s State Sheriff’s Association is supporting a federal challenge against the state’s new draconian gun laws and joining the NRA in their fight against the law’s effect in the state.

“In very real and direct ways, the challenged laws increase disorder,” the association wrote in their letter of support.  “Law enforcement’s work is made more difficult attempting to enforce unclear laws that harm, rather than promote, public safety. The laws appear willfully blind to legitimate safety interests, and instead are tailored to impact, and negatively impact, law-abiding firearm owners.”



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