Obama embarrassing America over Syrian mess

ObamaRoseGardenIt is not amusing any more.  Obama’s handling of the Syrian conflict has proven once again the grave mistake Americans made by re-electing Barack Obama into the White House, a man as gutless as a balloon full of hot air, as utterly ineffectual as an ant in combat with a scorpion.  It’s one thing to show your ineptitude behind closed doors.  But here, the entire world is watching – and laughing.

For days, Obama has threatened an imminent (albeit limited) attack on Syria, careful to allow Syrian authorities enough time to change their dinner plans.  But now, Obama has apparently changed his mind and will request authorization from Congress once they return to Washington in a week.  Guess the use of chemical weapons isn’t THAT bad.

This, after Obama has repeatedly stated that he does not need Congressional authorization for anything, threatening he – and he alone – can effectively do whatever he wants without consent from Congress or the American people.  Obama believes there are no limits to his presidential power.

From the Rose Garden, Obama effectively told the American people that he could attack Syria tomorrow, or next week, or next month.  YOU can strike, Mr. Obama?  Perhaps you can do us the benefit of at least pretending you care about the separation of powers that our founding fathers took painstaking efforts to ingrain into our form of government.  At least act like a president.

Obama’s reckless disregard of our government’s clear separation of powers, and his sudden change of heart regarding military action in Syria, makes the United States look as hollow as he is.  Obama isn’t just carrying a big stick.  He has an entire tree on his shoulders.  The problem is he’s crumbling under its weight as he hurriedly retreats.  He boxed himself into a situation and now wants out.  His handlers must be proud.

Either strike or don’t strike, Mr. Obama.  But please, stop making the United States look weak and gutless.  The world is laughing at our government’s ineptitude, and it is getting old.  You are the leader of our nation, like it or not.

Start acting like one.



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