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Obama to spend $684 million to market Obamacare

21NewTaxesAlthough the law already passed Congress, the Associated Press reports that our president plans to spend (read: waste) over $680 million dollars of taxpayer money advertising Obamacare, the healthcare law that puts government first, raises costs and re-affirms the innate bureaucratic mess that accompanies virtually every government initiative.

Targeted at our nation’s uninsured, advertising agencies are tasked with finding a way to connect with lower-income people to show them how wonderful and exciting taxpayer-funded healthcare can be.  According to polls, very few of our nation’s uninsured know about Obamacare.

One thing is certain: Our nation’s pompous and reckless executive branch is out of control, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a law that already passed Congress.  Not only are the American people forced to fund this monstrosity through the corrupt Internal Revenue Service, but now, Americans are also forced to fund a marketing campaign designed to make people believe in the law’s supposed virtues – in carefully-selected swing states I’m sure.

Once again, our nation’s taxpayers are forced to shoulder the excessive burdens of D.C.’s unwavering desire to control virtually all facets of American life.  When government controls healthcare, they control a very large segment of the voting population, solidifying their own political careers and the omni-present federal government in the lives of each one of us.

Let’s sum up all of this: Obamacare passed Congress.  Obamacare has already forced many companies (and even local governments) to cut hours to save on the law’s new costs.  Speaking of costs, Obamacare is demonstrably raising costs for many, and polls routinely find that the majority of Americans would repeal Obamacare if they could (Republicans can’t).

But yet, the government is forcing the American people to shoulder the burden of marketing this clearly unpopular monstrosity by throwing more of our money around with reckless abandon, ignoring its constitutional limitations and reinforcing the clearly-evident fact that Washington D.C. is the biggest, most irresponsible and downright corrupt government that we have ever seen.



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