Obama uses executive order to curb ancient gun imports

While the American people are distracted by the Syrian mess and the United States’ likely involvement in yet another middle east conflict, the president quietly pushed through two more executive orders that circumvent our nation’s system of checks-and-balances.

The first executive order prevents the re-import of so-called “military weapons”, such as the M1 Garand used in World War II, back into the United States for commercial sale or personal acquisition.   Exceptions to this rule are museums and, of course, the government.

The second executive order halts a federal rule that lets criminals side step background checks when purchasing guns by registering the weapon as a trust or a corporation.

Let’s analyze.  The first executive order makes it illegal to re-import weapons made a half-century ago.  Great, because so many of our nation’s highly publicized crimes involved the use of now-ancient World War II technology.   We are talking about weapons like the M1 Garand, Walther P38 and old Colt Model U‘s, along with plenty of rifles made in the late 1800s – hardly the weapon of choice for today’s criminal.  This executive order does nothing but anger gun collectors in the United States without protecting a single soul.

The second executive order pinpoints a loophole in the  background check system that apparently allows criminals to buy weapons if they register them as a trust, to which I must ask – how many killers do you think would register their weapon as a trust or corporation?  A better question, how many criminals do you think would obey the law to obtain a weapon in which to commit a violent crime?  Can you imagine a violent criminal sitting down to fill out corporation paperwork to legally purchase a gun?  Me either.

Another set of ineffectual gun laws, quietly passed through via executive order while the American people are distracted with the possibility of another war.  Clever, Mr. President.  Real clever.



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