Pack it up! Colorado senators ousted for anti-gun laws

The people of Colorado have spoken.  In the state’s first ever recall election, voters successfully recalled senators John Morse and Angela Giron over their support of anti-liberty gun control legislation passed earlier in the year, sending a message that the destruction of freedom will not be tolerated – in the state of Colorado.

Morse lost by less than 400 votes in his hotly-contested district of Colorado Springs.  Giron lost by several thousand in Pueblo.  Democrats will still maintain control of the state legislature, although the state’s Democratic governor might be next on the list of politicians to recall.

Coloradans fought Bloomberg’s well-funded Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and successfully collected the signatures required to hold a recall vote against Senators John Morse of Colorado Springs and Angela Giron of Pueblo .  A total of 12,648 signatures were collected for Giron and 10,137 were collected for Morse.  Together, almost 23,000 residents felt strongly enough about the issue of guns to sign the petition.

Recall supporters raised a mere $500,000 to fund the effort.  Supporters of the two Democratic politicians, however, amassed $3.5 million.  Even when significantly out-funded, freedom-loving state residents showed up for the fight.  Out-spent, out-gunned and out-resourced against incumbent politicians, their success in getting a recall election approved by the state indicates nothing less than a growing number of the population fed up with the gun-grabbing.   Residents are clearly tired of the government making gun control their problem.

The effort serves as a referendum against the government’s encroachment on gun rights of the American people.  Both Morse and Giron supported gun laws that increase gun feeslimit magazine capacities to 15 rounds and universal background checks in the state, all paid for by the gun purchaser.  Since criminals do not obey the law, these increased burdens are ONLY felt by the very people who signed these recall petitions – law-abiding citizens.

Two Colorado politicians have realized how far they can push the American people before they finally begin fighting back.  Politicians from around the nation should take notice.



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