Poll finds fewer Americans in favor of stricter gun control

Article Highlights

  • 47% still want stricter gun control, but number down from 57%
  • 39% want laws to remain the same, 11% favor fewer gun laws
  • Emotional politics fading, reason and logic finally returning

CBS News released poll results this week that indicates 47% of those surveyed are in favor of stricter gun control, down from 57% shortly after the December shooting in Sandy Hook, CT.  Although this is only a single poll, the trend away from more strict gun laws is common between surveys.

This, of course, should tell us something very important: emotional legislation is not good legislation.  Had we quickly rammed through gun control shortly after the Connecticut shootings (like the state of New York did), we would end up with a piece of legislation that – once again – fails to accomplish its intended goal of keeping Americans safer from gun crimes.

Had we used the 57% popularity of gun control at the time, Americans would be forced to cope with legislation that was emotionally-driven and ill-conceived, requiring additional hoops for gun owners to jump through for no real benefit to public safety.  At the time strict gun control seemed popular because of the emotional environment, but more times than not, emotional politics are bad politics.

Even among Democrats, the poll finds, a whopping 78% of Democrats polled after the Connecticut shooting favored stricter gun controls.  Today, that number stands at 66% – still high, but nowhere near ridiculous 80% figure where it stood just months ago.

Why the across-the-board drop in numbers between these national polls?  Because emotions are fading and logic and reasoning are making their way back into the debate.  Slowly…but surely.



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