Protesters want Zimmerman’s head, facts be damned

Protesters-gather-in-support-of-Trayvon-Martin-071213-Orlando-SentinelBy now, America is well aware that the all-woman jury found George Zimmerman, the man accused in the 2nd degree murder of Treyvon Martin, not guilty of his transgressions on that deadly February day.  Unfortunately, that is about all America knows of the case, even though protesters from around the nation still want Zimmerman in jail.

“Only white life is protected in America,” said one opinionated protester in Washington.  Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white, but this misconception is only a single example of how uninformed many – who want Zimmerman in jail – are in this case.  “Justice for Treyvon” reads many-a-sign in their march.

Unfortunately, race and emotion have clearly found Zimmerman guilty in the eyes of the uninformed.  The facts be damned because Martin was black.

On February 26th, Zimmerman called 911 to report a suspicious person (Treyvon Martin) following a rash of break-ins in the community.  Zimmerman initially followed Martin but backed off once the 911 operator advised him not to follow.  According to Zimmerman, he attempted to return to his car when Martin confronted him and threw a punch.  A fight ensued.  Zimmerman said Martin was on top of him while throwing punches.   Zimmerman, fearing Martin was reaching for his gun, grabbed it first and shot Martin – eventually leading to his death.

Forensics expert Vincent Di Maio testified that evidence in the case strongly suggests that Martin was on top of Zimmerman at the time of the shooting based on powder burns from the gun shot, and that Martin was between 2 and 4 inches away when shot.  The evidence indicates Martin was leaning over Zimmerman when the trigger was pulled, supporting Zimmerman’s account.

A medical report, confirmed by photographs from the night of the shooting, stated that Zimmerman had suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and several lacerations on the back of his head, further confirming Zimmerman’s and Di Maio’s account that Martin was on top.  Further, Martin apparently had knuckle wounds and traces of marijuana in his blood.

An eye-witness stated that he saw a guy in a hoodie on top of another guy, beating him “MMA style”.

zimmerman-acquittal-nationwide-protests-.siThe prosecution’s witness was devastating to their case.  Rachel Jeantel testified that she spoke to Martin shortly before the confrontation.  She testified that Martin mentioned over the phone to her that he was being followed by a “creepy-ass cracker”.  When Zimmerman’s attorney questioned Jeantel on her testimony, she replied, “That’s retarted”.

The train wreck was on in full force for the prosecution and continued with Martin’s father, who testified that he did NOT originally believe the voice calling for help on the 911 audio recording was that of his son’s.

The FBI’s own investigation concluded no racial bias from Zimmerman.  Almost three dozen people who knew Zimmerman (including an ex-girlfriend) were interviewed by the FBI and did not find race to be any kind of motivating factor in this incident.  The lead detective in the FBI investigation believes Martin was profiled due to his attire and circumstances, not his race.

The facts paint a clear picture of the events that day.  We know that Zimmerman called 911 well before the fight ensued.  We also know, from the audio recording of the 911 call, that Zimmerman agreed to back off of his pursuit after the operator told him to do so.  Lacerations and wounds on both Zimmerman and Martin agree that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, confirmed by an eye-witness.  According to an FBI report, race was no factor in this incident.  The prosecution’s witness was entirely unpersuasive and inadvertently made Martin out to be the racist with the “creepy-ass cracker” comment.  Even Martin’s own father did not believe it was his son’s voice calling for help.  None of the evidence points to Zimmerman being a murderer.

But the facts be damned in a case that involves race.  Protesters from around the nation still want Zimmerman in jail for the rest of his life, believing Zimmerman to be a hate-filled racist to the contrary of well-publicized evidence.  Free protesters, in a free society, want an innocent man (according to a jury of his peers) to spend time in jail because they don’t agree with the verdict.  Void of facts, filled with emotion and anger – just what they accuse Zimmerman of being on that February day.

The victim was black.  The shooter was not black.  Therefore, virtually automatic jail time for Zimmerman?  That is not justice.  That is vengeance.



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