Republicans: fight for a $15 minimum wage

Republicans, listen up, it’s time you start fighting fire with fire and stop letting this president run rampant with his rhetoric. It’s time you start acting like a party that had principles and stop selling out your most basic principles of limited government over issues like two kissing men in wedlock, religion and expensive never-ending wars.  The democrats have gained a strangle-hold control over American politics.

And the first step is by proposing a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. If they want it, let ‘em have it!

Now, at first glance you may recoil from this idea, but hear me out. If President Obama and the democrat party crow so vehemently about how good a $10.10 minimum wage is, you should counter with ‘yes, but we need it to be at $15 an hour.’ If you call Obama’s bluff about the minimum wage not being a detriment to the nation’s economy and a driver of unemployment, there’s no reason he shouldn’t agree to a $15 minimum wage.  How about $20?

The democrats can only play it two ways: 1) reject it and say that $15 is too much and will cause too much unemployment, thereby conceding the point that minimum wage is an overall net negative, or 2) they accept the $15 an hour wage, touting it as a ‘major achievement’ and when we do see unemployment and prices increase for the lower-middle class, attack with “see what happens when you let government meddle in the affairs of the economy?”  Then, cut the minimum wage and let the free market determine what people are willing to work for.  Business that pay too little quickly go bankrupt.  Businesses that pay well will get the best our economy has to offer.  That is economics!

Some people are hard learners, but it’s a win/win for liberty because it allows people, through liberty and the democratic system, to fail.  When people begin losing jobs or benefits, and business institute hiring freezes to compensate for the increase in costs, they will only have themselves and who they voted for to blame.  Of course, some will attempt to eschew responsibility.  Remember, people vote with their pocketbooks as much as with their minds.  Money talks.  It also votes.

We need to stop fighting the lazy and entitled mentality of this nation and let them wallow in their misery at the outcome. Some will get hurt along the way and that will be painful to any human being with a conscience, but it isn’t liberty’s doing. It is those who wish to steal liberty and keep people poor and utterly enslaved to the government. The blood will be on their hands, not yours.

So, will you join with me and start advocating for a $15 minimum wage to end the minimum wage once and for all?



Article written by Alex Ebadirad

Alex Ebadirad is a contributor and columnist to SmallGovTimes. He is a formally trained economist, a registered independent, and often aligns with classical libertarianism. When not being critical of politicians or policy, he can be found enjoying the culinary arts.

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