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Roger Stone will “probably” run for Florida governor

images (1)The infamous political consultant and “renowned infighter” – wrote the New York Times – Roger Stone will “probably” run for the position of governor in the state of Florida under the Libertarian Party ticket, arguing that the Republican Party is officially dead and cannot be resurrected.

“I don’t have any illusions about winning, but I’d like to carry the flag for the liberty movement,” Stone told National Review. “The Republican party is dead and it can’t be revived, so it’s time for the Libertarian party to be a force.”

Stone said he would make a final decision later in the year as he asks statewide Libertarians for their support leading up to the 2014 election cycle.

Describing his future campaign strategy, “It’s going to be like Bill Buckley’s mayoral run in 1965. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this campaign. It’s going to get people’s attention.”

Stone worked as an adviser to Gary Johnson in the 2012 presidential elections and is known for his outgoing and “flamboyant” personality.  Previously, Stone worked in the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp.



2 thoughts on “Roger Stone will “probably” run for Florida governor

  1. Roger Stone would be a welcome breath of fresh air compared to Scott who’s approval numbers are so low that even turn-coat Charlie Crist could beat him running as a Democrat. Of course now that Charlie’s old bagman Jim Greer just plead guilty from stealing from the Republicans, the general public is going to put two and two together and even Crist won’t have a shot. Roger Stone is certainly a high profile, national figure. People often forget that he helped advise Reagan how to win the cold war. Stone’s personal fortune along with political savvy brings a great deal of sway to the Libertarians who are fighting just to get on the map.

  2. Stone says he’s serious about a 2014 gubernatorial run. And he’ll out-match Charlie Crist. A lot of allegations are coming out, so to speak, about Crist’s lying to the public about fraud in fund raising. Stone will enter the gubernatorial race with a track record of successful political campaigning. and give Crist a serious beat-down..

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