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  1. Phillip Dodge
    Phillip Dodge at | | Reply

    Roger Stone would be a welcome breath of fresh air compared to Scott who’s approval numbers are so low that even turn-coat Charlie Crist could beat him running as a Democrat. Of course now that Charlie’s old bagman Jim Greer just plead guilty from stealing from the Republicans, the general public is going to put two and two together and even Crist won’t have a shot. Roger Stone is certainly a high profile, national figure. People often forget that he helped advise Reagan how to win the cold war. Stone’s personal fortune along with political savvy brings a great deal of sway to the Libertarians who are fighting just to get on the map.

  2. Adele Jeter
    Adele Jeter at | | Reply

    Stone says he’s serious about a 2014 gubernatorial run. And he’ll out-match Charlie Crist. A lot of allegations are coming out, so to speak, about Crist’s lying to the public about fraud in fund raising. Stone will enter the gubernatorial race with a track record of successful political campaigning. and give Crist a serious beat-down..

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