Ron Paul to write book on school choice, free markets

Ron-Paul-265881-1-402Recently retired Republican Representative and Libertarian-leaning Ron Paul has signed on to write a new book, titled “New School Manifesto”, that will push ideas that advocate for a free market approach to the United States’ educational system.

The book is set to be released in September, just as students return to class.

The book is said to reject the state-run monopoly on education in the country and instead focuses on giving people an affordable choice on where to send their children by creating competition through the free market.  Paul says that parents should be the ultimate authority on their child’s education, not government.

Paul uses the postal service’s competitors, like UPS and FedEx, to support the idea that competition results in better and cheaper services for everyone.

“Ron Paul’s beliefs are always controversial, and even if you disagree with his principles, his arguments will make you think,” said Grand Central Publishing, Paul’s publisher.



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