Secret DEA unit investigating American people

According to a Reuters article, a secret unit within our nation’s Drug Enforcement Agency is giving information to authorities across the nation to help assist in the criminal prosecution of the American people.  This information includes wiretaps and telephone records, as well as largely undisclosed witness testimony.

Law enforcement authorities cannot reveal the source of this information, however, leaving Americans accused of crimes unable to confront their accuser or defend themselves against statements made by secret witnesses and informants – a direct and clear violation of constitutional law.  Accused Americans immediately become victims of big government and unchecked power to surveil and control our country’s people.

Essentially, law enforcement is tasked with falsifying the investigation from beginning to end, concocting an entire investigative story to provide made-up details about how information was obtained.  A cover-up, in effect.   All legal.  All sanctioned by the United States government.

For example, if local law enforcement officials receive a tip that a truck may be carrying drugs, police will find a reason to pull the truck over and search it for drugs.  This may include speeding, failure to use turn signal, broken tail light – anything that allows police to search the vehicle.  In a court of law, the accused will not be able to confront the informant or question the validity of evidence leading up to the arrest because those details are classified.

The secretive unit called the Special Operations Division, or SOD, comprises personnel from a variety of different government agencies, including the DEA, IRS, NSA, FBI and CIA – all colluding together to provide illegally-obtained information in the prosecution of Americans – you and me.



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