Ron Paul trashes Boston police response, and he is right

It does not take a sitting Congressman or member of government to publicly criticize the Boston police department for their martial-law-style pursuit of the second Boston bombing suspect a week ago.  But perhaps it does take someone outside of Congress to be right in their assessment.  Former Congressman Ron Paul took to the digital airwaves to lambaste how Boston police dealt with the second bombing suspect, which included shutting down transportation systems, driving tanks down residential roads and forcing residents out of their own homes at gunpoint.

And he’s right.  Going house-to-house and forcing people outside of their own homes at gunpoint has no place in a free society.  Treating every man, woman and child in Boston like potential terrorists only makes terrorism win.  Terrorists have already won the battle over fear. They have successfully conned the United States into expensive and never-ending wars overseas. They have conned the United States into establishing so-called “security departments” (like the TSA) that strip-search grandmothers and children. They have conned the United States government into imposing martial law and conducting warrantless searches at gunpoint.

The question here is how much liberty are we prepared to give up to maintain some semblance of “security”? We know that people were forced out of their homes by men with guns during this incident, but as Paul pointed out, after all the police presence, after every person brazen enough to walk the streets was patted down via the use of robots, after all the martial-law style military presence in the area, it was a resident that found the second Boston bomber.

How should we handle these kinds of situations?  How do they handle any other murder suspect that’s on the loose? Do they drive tanks down residential streets and force people out of their homes at gunpoint? No. Do you realize how much help from the PUBLIC that the police department got? Put out a picture of the suspect on television and get the public looking for this individual, and I’d bet my bottom dollar that the suspect would have been found and apprehended HOURS before he actually was. Suspects who are on the run don’t like the public knowing what they look like. They want to blend in. Criminals use the public for their own benefit, and this kind of martial law that happened in Boston is precisely the reason why.