Pennsylvania allows guns on 5 more school campuses

gun-defenseRecognizing the clear and demonstrable link between increased gun crime and so-called “gun free zones”, 5 Pennsylvania state schools will now allow students to carry weapons on their campuses, although firearms inside classrooms remains unlawful without a written exception from campus police, according to a report from the Huffington Post.

“Although there has been no legal challenge mounted in Pennsylvania, the state’s lawyers cautioned that “blanket firearms bans were vulnerable to constitutional challenge and exposed the universities” to legal claims, said Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, a spokesman for the governor’s Office of General Counsel,” the report said.

Kutztown, Shippensburg, Edinboro, Slippery Rock and Millersville universities now allow students to carry a sidearm for personal protection.

Gun free zones are notorious for crime. ¬†Virtually all school buildings are gun-free zones – and the well-publicized school shootings over the past decade are no exception, and in fact, the Aurora Colorado shooting happened to take place in one of the only theaters in the area at the time that was supposedly “gun free”. ¬†And why wouldn’t someone who wants to kill indiscriminately¬†want easy, unarmed targets?

Looks like targets on these schools’ campuses might not be so easy any longer.