What makes Sandy Hook victims credible on gun control?

Risking the chance of being insensitive to the victims of Sandy Hook’s tragedy last year, their involvement in gun control legislation around the country has me wondering why these parents are considered credible participants in the gun control debate.

The involvement of these parents bring nothing but emotion into the issue of gun control and personal protection – and emotion never makes for good politics.  This week, Four parents from Sandy Hook had a meeting with Delaware Governor Jack Markell to “discuss” gun violence.

“We are trying to encourage lawmakers in other states and in Washington to embrace the concept of expanding background checks,” said one of the parents who lost a 6-year old child in the massacre.  Even the sponsors of the failed Senate background check bill admitted that background checks would not have prevented Sandy Hook and, likewise, will not prevent the next attack.

“We would also like to see a limit to large capacity magazines, in many of these mass shootings that would have made a difference in the lethality of the firearm,” he continued, apparently unaware that the Columbine shooters obtained their firearms and equipment from the state of California where magazine limits were already in place.  Again, another failed gun control “reform” that only takes freedoms and liberties away from the American people.

But this is not about true gun reform in any way.  These meetings are not about ensuring the constitutional rights of the American people are protected and nurtured.

These meetings are about making it harder for law-abiding citizens to own firearms due to emotional politics, and Governors and other politicians around the nation are shamelessly using the victims of Sandy Hook to make it happen.  Emotionally-driven politics with very little resemblance to anything even remotely close to true reform, these parents add nothing to the debate over gun control.

They lost their loved ones last year and are understandably devastated.  Everybody wants to find ways to prevent the next attack, but removing guns from law-abiding citizens won’t do it.  Running background checks ahead of gun purchases and assuming that will prevent a criminal from obtaining a firearm won’t do it.  Limiting magazine capacities won’t do it.  Demonstrably, these laws do not work.  Criminals don’t follow the law.

That’s why they are criminals.