Obama campaign distancing itself from healthcare ad

The Obama campaign is quickly distancing itself from a new super PAC political ad that falsely accuses the Bain Capital shutdown of the GST Steel plant of causing the death of a former steel worker.

The ad features Joe Soptic, a steel worker who was laid off after the GST plant closer.  He claims in the ad that he lost his insurance after the layoff, and shortly thereafter, his wife was diagnosed with cancer.  22 days later, she died.  The ad does not mention, however, that Joe’s wife remained employed for some time after his layoff and even maintained health coverage.  Further, it neglects to reveal that his wife’s unfortunate death came 5 years after his layoff.

The Obama campaign team claims to have no knowledge of the situation, even though Joe’s story is highlighted on the Obama campaign’s own web site (as of August 9th).  Further, Joe Soptic actually spoke with the Obama campaign several months ago regarding the story of his wife’s illness.

The Obama campaign responded by claiming they have no control over what Super PACs do and cannot dictate the ads that they run, and added: “The important point here is that Mitt Romney’s campaign is based solely on his experience as a corporate buyout specialist, and while he has been quick to claim he created jobs, he refuses to accept responsibility for the jobs that were lost and workers that were impacted.”

False.  The important point here is this PAC attempted to use an inaccurate report of a woman’s death to further Obama’s campaign, and this so-called “husband” apparently let it happen.

GOP making Paul delegates feel welcome in Tampa

According to Ron Paul’s campaign spokesman Jesse Benton, the Republican Party has been nothing but respectful and friendly to the Ron Paul campaign and his staff throughout the process of logistical planning in the lead up to the convention.

In fact, a Ron Paul rally scheduled to be held at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome was planned in large part by the GOP.  This may be a ploy to help encourage Paul and his supporters to ultimately get behind the GOP’s likely nominee, Mitt Romney, once the convention has passed.

Paul has said he is not yet decided whether or not he will throw his support behind Mitt Romney.