NYC minimum wage “walk out” falling on deaf ears

Today, several low-level employees at fast food restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s and Taco Bell held a “walk out” in New York City to protest what they claim to be “unlivable” minimum wages.  Instead of $7.25, workers want more than double the salary to perform their jobs, $15 / hour.

Trouble is, that is not the way economies work.  The majority of minimum wage jobs are held by high school and college students who are learning the value of hard work and making a little cash along the way of building up their lives.  Minimum wage jobs are not supposed to be “livable”.  Flipping burgers for a living, one cannot reasonably expect to have the resources necessary to  support 7 kids, in the case of one of the NYC protesters.  No word yet on exactly why a low-level employee without an education felt financially responsible enough to have 7 children.

The disparity between salaries of low-skill laborers and the professional workforce exists for a reason.  If one could flip burgers for a living and support their family the same way a professional civil engineer could, what motive is there to succeed?  High salaries and stock options are earned, not provided.  With all of America’s problems, it remains one of the few nations in the world where the sky is the limit to anyone’s potential success.  Between charities and scholarships, the opportunity to succeed in this country is there.

One must make the choice: either do what it takes to acquire the skills necessary to make your employment with a business worth a higher salary, or stage a walk out and demand more money for the same job.