Glenn Beck to turn his media outlet into Libertarian source?

glenn-beckFormer Fox News anchor and commentator Glenn Beck has promised to turn his media operation, The Blaze, into a Libertarian-focused outlet that refuses to feature a bunch of Democrats and Republicans arguing with each other for 60 minutes, as plainly evident on most cable news channels.

Beck plans to open three foreign bureaus, relocate his New York staff to new offices and broadcast a nightly news program, called “For The Record”, that features stories that traditional media outlets “don’t have the balls” to cover.  Beck promises to spare no expense in producing the program.

Beck, who claims to be more like Libertarian Penn Jillette (from Penn and Teller) than Chuck Hagel, will use his network to produce documentaries that cover stories from a Libertarian’s point of view using his own team of investigative journalists.

Beck’s network originally began online, allowing viewers to watch videos on their computers.  Dish Network picked up his content and began airing it to its subscribers, and Beck is attempting to acquire another network to expand his viewing audience.

I, for one, will be keenly interested in just how “Libertarian” his news outlet stays.