Ron Paul to start small government think tank

Ron Paul has kept quite busy since his retirement from Congress.  Recently, I reported on a new home schooling curriculum spearheaded by Dr. Paul that promises to better prepare students for college and the real world.  Now, the Libertarian-minded ex-Congressman will announce plans this week to start a new think tank that he promises will promote small government ideals and a reduced role of federal government in the lives of the American people.

Called the “Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity”, it will “serve as the focal point of a new coalition that crosses political, ideological, and party lines”, according to Paul’s Facebook page.  The think tank will focus on two main issues, education and the coming generation – our nation’s future leaders.  “The neo-conservative era is dead,” Paul wrote, citing the chaos and turmoil at the hands of irresponsible politics and unaccountable leaders.

During his announcement on Wednesday, Paul will be joined by a couple of big-named Libertarian-minded individuals like Judge Andrew Napolitano and Lew Rockwell of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.