Gov’t biggest part of the problem, poll finds

A majority of Americans polled recognize the ineptitude of government to be the main cause of societal and budgetary problems in the United States of America, leaving those Americans who refuse to vote for Republicans and Democrats, once again, puzzled about why voters continue to elect inferior political leaders.

A Gallup Poll found that 21% of respondents to a poll asking what the most important problem facing Americans today is cited the government as the answer.  Uncertainty with the economy and high unemployment came in second and third, with issues like a lack of respect for other people and immigration fell towards the bottom of the list.


In addition, American’s discontent with our nation’s healthcare system has skyrocketed with the botched roll out of the so-called “Affordable Care Act” known as Obamacare.  “Compared with a year ago, mentions of government are up slightly. Mentions of healthcare, on the other hand, have quadrupled — from 4% in January 2013 to 16% today, likely related to highly visible problems with the rollout of the 2010 healthcare law,” Gallup noted.

“Mentions of the government as the top problem remain higher than they were prior to the partial government shutdown in October. During the shutdown, the percentage naming the government as the top problem doubled to 33% from 16% in September.”