The government (non) shutdown

969527-washington_dcIt’s looking like it will take a week or more for Republicans and Democrats to reach an agreement to “reopen” the federal government. Regardless, with each passing hour a resolution necessarily becomes closer at hand because a so-called “government shutdown” effectively means that a budgetary impasse in our two-party dominated system has reached the end stage. Continue reading

Federal government: Embarrassing to the point of painful

Barack ObamaAs the so-called “government shutdown” drags on, one thing is hard not to admit: the Obama Administration is acting in a manner that is attempting to extract the maximum amount of pain on the American people. While many are wondering how it came to this point, those of us who actually paid attention in Social Studies, Civics and American History classes – school subject that are, today, given little, if any, attention – understand it’s because the US Constitution and the purity of the original governmental process has been raped by the opportunistic political class. Continue reading

Obama Labels 38% of Federal Employees as “non-essential”

government-shutdown-375x250The U.S. Federal Government currently employs approximately 2.1 million workers (not including the military), 800,000 (38%) of them, now identified as “non-essential” employees and furloughed as a result of a budget impasse between the “Anarchist” controlled House and “Communist” controlled Senate. If you haven’t been paying attention lately, congress is not made up of Republicans and Democrats anymore, just anarchists and communists. Continue reading